Live Long and Strong Overview

How to Live Long and Strong

How to Live Long and Strong

How to live long and strong is a subject I love continuing to learn about. This topic, which ranks at the top of my favorites, is a 4-week course. It offers an entire bonus course in which I have pulled together the secrets learned from experience living, teaching, and studying Fitness and Health over the past four decades. I coupled this experience with an in-depth-inspiring research study I did in 2008 on those most remarkable ones called “Centenarians” (those who have lived the honorable age of 100 years old.)

Centenarians The Bonus Years

Also included is recent research done to learn the secrets from the Blue Zones.

Always too Late to Wait

Addressing our health and fitness as we journey along the pathway of life may seem too difficult, too time-consuming, and not yet necessary. However, this quote by Jeff Olson is something that needs to be thought on.

"It is never too late to start,

It is always too late to wait. "

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Baby Step Coaching

With this Live Zoom course, you will be able to ask questions, share ideas with otherslearn how to implement each key secret into your very own lifestyle..

Coaching will show you how to turn knowledge
into action in your life.

Centenarians know things others do not. They are the true experts in Living Long and Living

Let’s learn from them.

You’ll learn an exercise secret I had never even thought about……until I read the story about 100 year old Claire Willis and 104 year old Abe Goldberg.

Normal in the aging process as touted by many is really

Not Normal at All

and can be avoided!

You will begin to get excited about
the years to come as you learn
what 100 year old Selma Plaut and
100 year old Eli Finn have accomplished.

“As my days are, so shall my strength be.” ~ Deut 33:25