Your Best Eating Path Course

3 Best Eating Paths

3 Best Eating Paths

Your best eating path will be found in this Fabufit course. Have you found your best eating path? Does it bring you joy, fitness, and health? It can. You may find that one idea for your breakthrough in the next Fabufit Course. You may find ideas for a lifestyle change. There are so many eating paths. The majority are not sustainable and do not lead to the real desire of our hearts: a lifestyle of joy in eating while feeling good about our fitness and health. The staggering statistics reveal that only 1% of those who diet have success. Only 1% of that 1% are able to keep the weight loss. What can we do?

How to Live Long and Strong

We All Need Basic Guidelines

You are unique What is best for you? It may be one particular path, or it may be a combination of the best of the best. We all need some general guidelines to keep us on track. With no guidelines and no path to follow, failure looms ahead. This upcoming course will help you discover a path just for you.

Work at Your Own Pace

This course works very well as a home study course. You receive access to each archive. You can then watch the Video Powerpoint via a You Tube movie and work at your very own pace.

How to Live Long and Strong

Introductory Class Archive 16 Minutes

This course will narrow down the choices to the three best paths in my opinion. For the past 6 years, John and I have followed the Paleo way of eating. With adjustments to fit our personal lifestyle, this one is my very favorite. There are two other plans that follow the guidelines of eating foods that are as close to nature as possible. This course will uncover the details and the research behind: The Blue Zones and SANE. You will learn some of the latest cutting-edge discoveries about eating for joy, health, fitness, and long life.


Blue Zones


SANE Eating

You will learn:
What the oldest and healthiest people in the world do and what they eat
"The city of Fort Worth went from being one of the sickest cities in the U.S.
to one of the healthiest by adapting the lifestyle of these oldest and

Nine secrets of these oldest of the old How to use your own words to change your fitness and health3 Huge Mistakes almost all make Three huge mistakes that almost everyone makes when trying to lose weight. Very likely you don’t know these. Something well hidden about Willpower Two basic, but simple things to change your SetPoint Identifying foods that Clog the Hormonal Sink and Raise the SetPoint A Link to a Digital Calculator to track your progress

How to Live Long and Strong