Fabufit Inch Loss Eating

I have so loved the results of combining consistent exercise (Crossfit Training for me) and Paleo Eating. Once I found and tested the Paleo recipes out there, and began replacing and adapting the very best ones for my own kitchen, some great things happened. Consistency, compounded by time (many more months than I liked actually), put me on the Success Curve. My “Set Point” changed. Stubborn inches began melting away.
I have now lost a total of 16 very very stubborn inches in hips, waist, abs, and thighs. All of our meals have become meals to really look forward to, as they are over the top delicious. The challenge was keeping up with all the papers, cookbooks, and internet sites where I found the recipes. Thus, these cards were created. Now it’s almost easy. ~Dani (Sidenote: these inches are still gone now six years later.  My Set Point has changed and stayed.)

The set, which is now offered in a digital format, is easy for you to print yourself onto 4×6 cards. It has approximately 21 main meals with green printing, giving you three weeks of options for meal rotation. Each recipe has been tested and chosen as one of our favorites. You will have cards with pink print for side dishes, blue print for desserts, and yellow cards for wonderful muffins and tortillas – all meeting Paleo, gluten-free, and inch loss criteria.

Inch loss

Inches versus scales

Double Recipes and Freeze

A great idea is to double your recipes and freeze half. Our goal is to make cooking fun, delicious, and much easier. This habit will prevent coming home with nothing planned and nothing to prepare. prepare.


Dani received my recipe cards today in the mail. I got so excited looking through them that I plan to make a trip to the store for supplies. Thank you for the excellent job you did in preparing and planning each detail so we could reap the many benefits of wonderful eating and good health. I think the greatest pearl I have received through these last few months of being part of Team Fabulous is a new mindset that has changed my daily thoughts. I have always been a positive person but this has made me more thankful and grateful for each day I have been given. I now stop and think before I speak knowing I can not take back negative speech and thoughts. Thank you for helping me with this. Ginger