A New Perspective on Eating HS

Eating, Thinking, Exercising for the Lord

Eating, Thinking, Exercising for the Lord

This course will build on the foundation of a brand new perspective on eating and exercising. It is about far more than eating. We will zero in on a secret weapon we can learn to use as we travel the path to becoming abundantly healthy, increasingly happy and fabulously fit. You may be surprised to learn that eating and exercising can become a form of worship to the Lord. This will become a very motivating viewpoint.

How to Live Long and Strong

A Few Adjustments

You can learn to eat for inch loss. Sometimes it just takes a few adjustments, a mindset shift, a few ingredient substitutes, and a few new ideas to make a huge difference in your health and fitness. A new perspective may be the one ingredient you have missed before.

The new four lesson Home Study Course on A New Perspective on Eating and Exercising is now being presold. It will release July 1, 2019 as a home study, work at your own pace, PowerPoint Video Course.

You will receive immediate access to a Confidential Class Page with 4 video PowerPoint voice-over movies:

Class 01 – A New Perspective on Thinking

Beginning the process of renewing your mind and taking joy and thankfulness in replacement of guilt and worry

Class 03 – A New Perspective on Exercise

Exercise can be easy and fun -Learn to create and train your body for a daily regimen of exercise – The exercise form that the oldest of the old have followed to remain healthy and strong

Class 02 – A New Perspective on Eating

Learning that Food is a Gift from our Lord – Examining four different eating paths and how to determine which, or a combination of which, is right for you – Discovering some hidden, but powerful, inch loss strategies that most never find.

Class 04 – Summary of Class High Points and More Strategic Tips

How to change your set point – Shrinking Fat Cells – Implementing the Slight Edge

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