Published September 25, 2010


“Right before you taught the class at ROG, God had been telling me to lose weight. I think I told you before that I have lost weight many times in my lifetime, but I always gained all of it back and a little more.

I was afraid to go on any diet for fear of winding up worse than when I started. When God was telling me to lose weight, I told Him that I had tried often, as He knew; and was not successful. I told Him that if it was going to work, He would have to be in it. Right after that is when the announcement was made at church about your class. I took it as a sign from God for the path He wanted me to take.

I’ve been losing weight ever since – not a lot at once, but a little at a time steadily. I plan to continue indefinitely to drink a lot of water and eat six times a day and to walk. I must say I have never been hungry the whole time.

It’s been about 4 or 5 months now and I have lost 38#. I am very thankful to you and to God for the weight loss.”             ~ Alma B