Published October 16, 2023
Author: Dani1

Using the GIFT Score 

Learning about the Gift Score and strengthen your spiritual muscle of gratefulness.  In this post, you will learn what the Gift Score is. I learned about it many years again from one of my students. It is a magnificent way to begin to rewire your brain from Fear and Worry thoughts to thoughts ofJoy and Peace.

Begin by taking a few minutes throughout the day to practice Gratitude Streaming. This means just thinking on one grateful thought after another.

The Gift Score Acronym

G – Gratefulness for the Present

I – Intentional Hope for the Future

F – Forgiveness of the Past – (others and yourself)

T – Trust in a Never-Failing Heavenly Father

An even more helpful way to use this tool is to give yourself a daily score on the basis of 1 – 10.

Ten will be the best. With some practice and training of your mind, you can reach 10/10/10/10.