Published August 28, 2014

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I am So Proud of Greta

August 25, 2014

Dear Dani,
Just thought I would share with you that this soon to be 71-year old is in training for Mother-of-the-Groom.  So, I was motivated to succeed.  And clothes are fitting looser, and maybe a size smaller is the right fit. I have lost 12 inches since beginning your program in May. The wedding is September 27.

This journey has been the easiest one yet.  I was looking at the exercise sheets and was amazed that I had completed six weeks of exercises.  My go-to exercise program had been the wii Fit program, but I was lacking motivation to get on that balance board each morning.

dumbbellsgoodPMThe Fabufit Strength Program came along at the right time to bring something different into my routine.  I purchased another exercise ball (I had given mine away), a medicine ball, and I already had three sets of weights. I think the reason I don’t mind the 20 minute walks, and the Strength Training is that they are things I can do, not too much to have me dreading exercise days.

I like the Paleo food. One of my retirement hobbies is cooking. And, I’ve made almost all the Fabufit recipes.  It’s nice to have ones that have been tried beforehand. Also, I’ve found that when I go out to eat, I can always find things on the menu.  And I go out to eat a lot.  Another thing that has helped this summer is the Farmers Market.  My hometown, Valliant, is famous for the Watermelon Festival, so I have eaten lots of watermelon and fresh vegetables this summer. And I’ve had fried okra and purple hull peas which I know is not exactly Paleo.

I didn’t believe that I could get by with using honey, maple syrup, and agave in recipes.  (I had used Splenda before.)  I thought I would binge on foods made with these items.  But, what I’ve found is that the fudge, brownies, muffins, etc are so good that I don’t mind passing up dessert when eating out, because I have this great treat at home.   I’ve made the delicious vanilla bean ice cream twice. I did decrease the vanilla extract to 1 1/2 tsp for the second making .  This was my first time to use vanilla beans. Now, I’m going to make vanilla extract with real vanilla beans.

I’m so glad Ginger told me about you and the program.  It seems that it was the right time in my life to be introduced to Fabufit. ~ GretaBe strong

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