Holiday Eating Course

Enjoy Your Holidays without Wearing them Later?

How to Enjoy Your Holidays without Wearing them in the New Year

Will you enjoy your holidays without wearing them come January? Holidays should be a very joyous time. However, this beautiful upcoming season can leave us feeling defeated and depressed if we fail to plan. This course will be all about learning strategies to navigate successfully the path of food temptations through the upcoming weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How to Live Long and Strong

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Not only will you receive the videos of all classes for your home study, but you will also receive the

Bonuses to Accompany the Course
This course will include:

First Bonus Gift

A Confidential Class Page with Easy Access to all Class Resources: Powerpoints Presentation for Each Class Archived Video for Each Class

Second Bonus Gift

An Ebook Bonus Gift, Enjoying the Holidays without Wearing them in the New Year, created just for you for this holiday season and also to have as a future reference resource to sharpen the saw in each upcoming year.

Third Bonus Gift

You will find A Fillable PDF Digital Workbook created to enable you to implement each strategy taught.

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