Take Your Goals to Habits

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It is not always easy to arrange a schedule for regular attended classes. Life is hectic and busy. Knowing how full a day's commitments can become, I created a way for you to work at your own pace and at the time that is best for you. As you scroll through the Home Study Courses, you will find many ways to renew your mind to the truth and promises God gives us in His Word. Each course will take you in Baby Steps along the pathway to becoming Abundantly Health, Increasingly Happy, and Fabulously Fit.

Important principles are easily forgotten if they are not quickly practiced. Each course will give you specific strategies to begin implementing. Learning will be reinforced as principles are presented from one direction and then form another. You will develop Habits, which will become Routines. With consistency and time, these Routines will move to Autopilot. This is where the miracle occurs. Autopilot routines are easy. You life will change.

Baby Steps

By the Yard, life is hard, but Inch by Inch anything is a cinch.

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