How Big is the Dog in the Fight?

Bulldog Faith

Thoughts Grow

I am sure you have noticed that thoughts we continue to think on can grow into imaginations, which can become strongholds in our life.

If a football team allows themselves to think defeat, they rarely will win.

“The most important thing is not how big is the dog in the fight. But how big is the fight in the dog.” Francis Martin


Victory or Defeat is Born in the Mind

We can use this principle for our good. Victory or defeat is born in the mind. God’s word is victory. No matter what the situation, if we can put correct thoughts (from God’s Word) into our mind and keep thinking on those correct thoughts of victory, they will become an imagination and then a stronghold.

That word will burn in your mind and come out of your mouth. It will direct your path.


Diligence, Discipline, and Trust

Is it easy to get God’s word burned into your mind concerning an impossible situation? Of course not. It takes diligence, discipline and trust. But doing so brings abundant life and joy.


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