Published March 6, 2024

After being a part of Dani’s classes for twenty plus years, I would like to share a new testimony.

Through the years, many concepts, teachings, stories, and ideas have been presented and repeated. As a retired educator, I believe learning comes from repetition. The things I have learned have become a part of my life.

Dani’s knowledge and presentation of Bible teachings continue to help and inspire me. They keep my life hopeful and on the right track. This knowledge adds to her concepts of healthy living, long life, divine healing, and knowing and applying God’s promises. For me, it is important to have a Christian/Bible inspired teacher and class.

Each class block contains current up-to-date research and ideas regarding health, energy, exercise, and positive lifestyles. I know I have the latest and best information and don’t have to search it all for myself.

Many encouraging ideas come from Dani’s teaching to help a person develop healthy thoughts. One of my favorite ideas and most meaningful ones is to have a HAPPY HOME-BASED THOUGHT each day. This is a personal thought each person can bring to their mind when the challenges of life come our way.

In Dani’s very first session of classes: Fabulously Fit – The Circle of Health, she encouraged participants to memorize what she referred to as the Fabulously Fit Acronym. If I ever become discouraged as I face the challenges of life or feel hopeless, I recall the memorized acronym and place repeating it foremost in my daily life.

Here is the acronym I have personalized for myself. It is slightly different from the original, but it is specific to my needs:

Join Dani’s class and help yourself in every walk of life. You can learn and find inspiration from Dani and other members of her class.


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