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Two kinds of thought
Two Kinds of Thoughts

Two Kinds of Thoughts

You and I are a Spirit.

We have a Soul (Mind, Will and Emotions).

We live in a Body (which houses the brain).

The mind is designed to be renewed by the Word of God, and then to control the Body. The Brain, like the Body, must be trained. The brain is NOT part of the mind.

Two Categories of Thoughts

1, Good Healthy, Life-Promoting Thoughts, which God wired us to have.

2. Toxic Thoughts

Thoughts are real forces says Dr. Caroline Leaf, (cognitive neuroscientist). Thoughts become memories. These thought take up valuable real estate in our brain. Good thoughts build strong healthy trees in the brain. Toxic thoughts build dark, black trees in the brain.

We want to begin to become aware of every thought that crosses our mind. We want to capture every toxic thought before it begins its devastating damage.

Toxic thought networks and be swept out and replaced with good strong, healthy thought networks that will bring joy, peace, health, fitness and years to our life. Old toxic thought die if not fed.



James 1:22 says that “The implanted word will save your soul.”

Our part is to implant the mighty, powerful Word of God into our heart. It will save our Soul: Mind, Will and Emotions.

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