Published February 26, 2024

FABULOUSLY FIT Personalized by Jennie

F            I am faithfully focused on the faithfulness of God….
                             AND, I know failure is never final.

A            My attitude assures me of an assigned advantage …
                             AND, I have an “I can attitude”…. I can cope with and handle any situation.

B            I am becoming all God has called me to become….
                             AND, I treat my body like a bamboo tree…I just keep on and on doing the right things
                             and finally, I grow into a beautiful person.

U            I understand the plan, follow and trust the process, and am receiving the promise….
                             AND, the promise for me is BETTER HEALTH, BETTER FEELINGS, BETTER LOOKS, and
                             BETTER SLEEP.

L             I love pure water, whole food, whole food supplements, exercise, learning, journaling,
                             prayer, devotional time, twenty-five peaceful moments daily and good posture….
                             AND I add these things to my daily life.

O           I am organized and efficient accomplishing all God has called me to accomplish…
                             AND I am an original, hand made by God.

U            I am unwaveringly committed to my own personal success…
                             AND I never, ever, ever give up.

S            Supernatural increase in every area of my life is running me down and overtaking me…
                             AND the words I speak are true, necessary, and kind.

L             I live in expectancy…… something really good will happen today….
                             AND I live each day as if it were my last.

Y            This is my year for my date with greatness…
                             AND I keep three priority goals uppermost in my mind

F            I am fabulously fit, abundantly healthy,  increasingly happy, and forever slim

I             Impossibilities become possibilities in my life, and I intuitively know how to handle situations
                             which used to baffle me.

T            My time is redeemed…. I accomplish twice as much in half the time.

Jennie’s updated testimony of February 2024

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