Published October 16, 2023
Author: Dani1


As we plan for great things in 2024, Health and Fitness are likely at the top of the list. Many times we sabotage ourselves by striving for perfection. Too often, the great motivation in January causes us to create a plan that we simply cannot sustain as a lifestyle.  The only fitness and health plan that really works is one that is fun and doable enough that we will continue on into February and throughout the year. A great article in Costco’s latest magazine gave some good points on this.


I love a definition of “Excel” that I learned some years back from Jerry Savelle. To “Excel” is to do something better than you have done before. What can you do better this year than you did last year? For me, I can get stronger at CrossFit, although I have no desire to lift the heavy weights that the achievers at CrossFit do. I can become a better dancer, but I do not desire to go on Dancing with the Stars for sure. The question is: “If your Fitness is one of your goals, “Fitness for what?” Each one of you may have a different answer. The important part is to discover what is your answer as this is what will motivate you.

Moriticise: Fit Mind, Fit Body says
"The biggest change in the perception of exercise is the meaning you give it."

Even 10 minutes of movement can make huge shifts in so many areas: increased energy, increased sense of well-being, confidence, creativity, relationships, clarity, and on and on. What if you decided to adapt a few simple little habits?

Every Hour

Move for two minutes. (I loved my Fitbit and now enjoy my Apple watch as it reminds me to move, gives me a daily goal of steps, and tracks my steps so that I can feel happy about accomplishing this goal every day. It even has a stopwatch making it easy to get up and do 2 minutes worth of steps or squats or setups instead of sitting at the computer until the work is done.)

Do a posture check. Good posture will strengthen your back and core muscles. Posture can really be compromised, especially at a computer. If you or I forget about it all day long, it may soon deteriorate.

Every Day

Do two minutes of deep breathing. (Again a Fitbit or watch can come to the rescue with a handy little “relax” setting and guide to easily accomplish this.)

Walk 10 minutes after each meal. This is a tremendous idea. Even if you are merely walking around your house, you can do it easily. It will help greatly with digestion as well as calorie and fat burning.

A Small Amount

Research is showing that even a small amount of exercise can make a big difference.

Mayo Clinic –  A 30 minute walk after dinner reduced glucose levels in people with diabetes.

Arizona State University – Taking three 10-minute walks daily lowers blood pressure.

Two minutes of deep breathing exercises per day reduces stress and improves quality of life.

Find Exercise You Enjoy

Personally, I have learned to really enjoy CrossFit. I like the increased strength I have for lifting the little grandchildren. And I like the muscles CF has produced in my arms, so I can wear my dancing sleeveless dresses without flabby arms.

I also like WALKING. My Fitbit has reminded me of how well I think when I walk. I take my iPhone and use my Notes for planning the day, the week, projects, and memorizing Bible scriptures while I walk. Dancing not only provides exercise: it increases sharpness and amazing friendships. I am motivated strongly to keep healthy, flexible, and have good balance and mental alertness all the days of my long life (if Jesus tarries.)

"As my days, so shall my strength be."  ~ Deut 33:25

What motivates you? Ask yourself what you want. Fitness for What? A good motivation discovered and thought about can do wonders for each of us.

Your Brain Loves Exercise

Did you know that your brain loves exercise? Did you know that exercise changes our DNA for the better. Researchers have found that when we exercise, epigenetic  changes for the good occur in 7,000 of the 20,000 to 25,000 or our genes. We will be learning about this current brain research and much more iin the Four Weeks to a Lifetime course as I incorporate tips and treasures from Dr. Caroline Leaf’s latest book: Think and Eat Yourself Smart.