Published October 18, 2023
Author: Dani1

On Becoming Fit….

I would like to challenge you to make a conscious effort to perfect your posture. If you will pay close attention to this for a concentrated twelve-week period, you will be amazed at the results. You will appear thinner, taller, and more confident. You will notice a big difference in the strengthening of your back and stomach muscles.

Years Ago

So many years ago I went to a new doctor for an annual physical. As the doctor entered the room, his first words to me were: is this how you want to look in 10 years? Apparently, my posture was relaxed and slumped as I sat there. I never forgot that one sentence he said. That was not how I wanted to look then or now. Just being aware changed things. I didn’t and don’t allow myself to slump anymore.

Exercise Class

This week, my good friend, Erin Hathaway, who is our trainer at Crossfit Ammo, graciously came to teach a Fabulously Fit class to a small group of women from our church. She began her valuable tips with an emphasis on becoming aware of our posture. She shared how much poor posture can cause back pain.

Today is the Day

The development of every good habit takes time and consistency. Begin today.

“It’s never too late to start.
It’s always too late to wait.”  ~ Jeff Olson

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