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  • Secrets of Centenarians
  • Workbook Strategies to Implement
  • Amazing Stories and Quotes from Those over 100
  • A Strategic Path to Follow
  • Anyone wishing to live healthy and fit for a long long time

You are about to discover some amazing things about Living Long and Living Strong that I have learned these past several years as I have done an in-depth study of Centenarians (those who have lived to the remarkable old age of 100 or more).

Centenarians know things others do not. They are the true experts in Living Long and Living Strong.

Let’s learn from them.

I hope you have as much fun reading the stories, learning the strategies and expanding your thinking about what is possible as I have had in studying for and creating this 28 Lesson Course all about implementing the 7 Key Secrets learned from Centenarians.

Here is your download of the 206 page course. The workbook pages follow each lesson. You will have immediate digital access. If you choose to print your course material out you will want to use fast draft to conserve ink.

I have also created the Ebook into chapters, which will show up as Lessons. This may be the preferable route for you. It will be easier to keep track of your progress and your Worksheet for each Lesson, should you choose to learn this way.

You may use the Downloads of the Ebook and Workbook, or the use of the chapters divided into Lessons for the Ebook course. You are also most welcome to use both.

Many blessings,

Dani Rotramel


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