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The set, which is now offered in a digital format, is easy for you to print yourself onto 4×6 cards. It has approximately 21 main meals with green printing, giving you three weeks of options for meal rotation. Each recipe has been tested and chosen as one of our favorites. You will have cards with pink print for side dishes, blue print for desserts, and yellow cards for wonderful muffins and tortillas – all meeting Paleo, gluten-free, and inch loss criteria.


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The Paleo Way of Eating produces wonderful results; however, learning the in's and out's can be tricky. This digital version of my Fabufit Paleo Recipe Cards with over-the-top delicious recipes can save you much time and effort, as I have narrowed down the very best recipes I have found or created over the past nine years on my Paleo inch-loss journey. This latest version of the recipes includes recipes for Holidays and almost all of these can be wonderful as well for Every Day of Paleo eating.

With a few tiny subs, these meet Keto guidelines as well. Even if you don’t eat Paleo or Keto but just want easy, delicious recipes that build health versus destroying health,  you will love these.


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